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Fresh and very beautiful lavender bouquets !!! Thanks for a good service !!! Good luck!!!

Nadia Foltea

Thank you for 100% natural products!

Florarie Elena CremeFlorist

This Lavender is raised with great care and attention!

Ion Guțu

E mui boina In Moldavie esta bien para vivir e un pais mui bonito te qeremos Moldavia

Larisa Preguza

Lavanda De Moldova

raised with great care and attention,

for everyone.

Our story started in March 2014, in Nisporeni district with planting the first lavender breed, Augustifolia K90.

Since then, we are offering a diversity of products, including lavender bouquets, personalized flower bags, used as home or car fragrance.

Besides that, we have in stock etheric oil.

Daily, we take care of our plants, so our clients receive the best lavender products.

You can trust us

We personally grow and take care of each plant, in order to have the best product for our customers