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Whenever you need lavender

our company

can help you.

Our story started in March 2014, in Nisporeni district with planting the first lavender breed, Augustifolia K90.

Since then, we are offering a diversity of products, including lavender bouquets, personalized flower bags, used as home or car fragrance.
Besides that, we have in stock etheric oil.

Daily, we take care of our plants, so our clients receive the best lavender products.

Bags of lavender

We supply lavender pillows in a large assortment of colors and materials. Call us and come with the basket full.


Surprise your guests now and leave a scent of memories.

Lavender water

Lavender water contains the essential oil components, it has aromatherapeutic and skin care benefits.

Natural lavender oil on request

You can now order natural lavender oil as well as lavender water!